Know the difference between Classified Text Ads, Classified Display Ads and Display Ads

Booking newspaper ads can be a great step to enhance your business, promote your property, get information about your missing belonging, finding your soul mate, advertising your rental home and so on. When it comes to booking newspaper ads, you require contacting an online newspaper ad agency that can help you in conveniently booking newspaper ads in 10 minutes or less.

When you explore the types of newspaper ads which you can book, you can discover the three typical ad forms, which include classified text ads, classified display ads and display ads. If you are new to Newspaper Ad Booking, you may find these terms confusing. You may not know the difference between the three and which type of ad form to choose. To make it easy for you, we will describe the difference between classified text ads, classified display ads and display ads.

Cost Effectiveness
When it comes to cost effectiveness, classified text ads are the most cost effective one among the three. Classified display ads are little more expensive than classified text ads. Display ads are the costliest one.

In classified text ads, the costs of placing the advertisements are levied according to the number of words and characters which the advertisers use in the advertisement. When it comes to classified display ads, the costs are charged in accordance with the images and logos which advertisers place in the ad and the size of the advertisement. Finally, the in display ads, the money is charged in accordance with the enhancement which are used, the day on which the newspaper the ad has been booked, the size of the ad and the day the newspaper runs the advertisement.

Classified text ads appear on the classified ads page and the advertiser is free to ascertain its content. Classified display ads appear besides the classified text advertisements. Advertisers get the privilege to customize the size of these advertisements. Display advertisements are placed on any page which the advertiser chooses or want the ad to feature on. Typically, display advertisements appear beside the editorial content.

Now when you know the difference between the three types of newspaper advertisements, it will now be easy for you to Book Newspaper Ads Online without any confusion or ambiguity. You can select the ad form according to your budget and your advertisement requirements.

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Why Newspapers are Still the Preferred Choice for Advertisements?

When it comes to promoting your business and brand, you may discover various advertising mediums, including television, billboards, internet etc. But among different advertising platform, newspapers remain the number 1 choice for large numbers of businesses- whether small scale, medium scale or large scale business.

Let us consider some of the advertising platforms and how newspapers enjoy an edge over them:

Even though televisions too enjoy significant reach and is popular among millions of people across India, still there is one strong negative factor- the price. Television advertisements are extremely pricey and cannot be afforded by all. If you have just started a company or your advertising budget is low, television may not be a viable marketing option. But Newspaper Classified Ad is still within your reach and you can communicate your marketing messages to your potential and current customers in your marketing budget.

Billboards may be cost-effective and easy to print, but its reach is extremely limited. If your potential customers are located in a limited area, say a particular town or city, you can use billboards as your advertising medium. But if your potential and current customers are located in different parts of India, billboards may not be a good promotional medium. But even after decades, Newspapers Ads Online are still the best promotional medium for reaching out to your potential customers located anywhere across India way within your budget.

Internet has become extremely popular since its advent. Even marketing experts consider it an extremely viable medium to promote brands, products and services. It forms a good advertising medium if your potential customers live in big cities or even towns. But if your potential customers live in small towns and villages, you need to consider the fact that not all small town people use internet extensively. So, your internet ads may go unnoticed, thereby making all your marketing efforts fruitless. But newspaper ads will always prove their worth and help in attracting the attention of thousands of your potential customers located even in the remotest corners of India.

Now when you know why newspapers enjoy an edge over other marketing mediums, you too can effectively use it to promote your brand and get leverage over your competitors. You can book newspaper classified ad or display ad and release it at your preferred date. Soon you will discover significant increase in your brand popularity and image!