Why Book Newspaper Advertisement Instead of Television Ads?

When it comes to choosing the right platform to advertise your business or promote your brand, the job can be quite tricky. One wrong move and you can end up messing your entire marketing plan and jeopardize your business marketing goals, wasting significant amount of time and money on the go! So, instead of making any random selection or choosing a platform in haste, think smart and consider the pros and cons of different advertising mediums.

In this write-up let us consider why booking newspaper advertisements are more viable as compared to television ads.

Highly Economical
Whether you are planning to promote your new start-up company, wish to lure more students to your coaching center, want to provide information to your current and potential customers about any special business offer etc., there cannot be a more economical platform than newspapers. Even though television ads are quite popular and viewed by large numbers of people, but these ads are extremely costly. If you want to give advertisements in prime time, the costs can be sky-high. If you are a start-up company or have limited marketing budget, television ads may not be viable. As compared to television ads, newspaper ads are extremely cheap and you can even place multiple ads in same or different newspapers.

Significant Reach
Do you know why businesses are Booking Newspaper Ads Online instead of television ads? This is due to the fact that newspapers enjoy significant reach. Newspapers are read even in the remotest corners of India and the marketers who are planning to target their potential customers who reside in varied geographical areas may it the ideal advertisement platform. Comparatively, television’s reach is limited and so is its ad’s viewership. The best part with newspaper ads is that the marketers can choose to give multiple ads in different newspapers targeting different cities and towns of a state or multiple states, reaching out to maximum numbers of their potential customers and fulfilling their marketing goals!

Easy Ad Composition
Composing television ads is a complex process. You need to hire a ad production company, discuss your advertisement objectives and then request them to develop an ad accordingly. It is an expensive and time taking process. In comparison, composing newspaper ads is a piece of cake! You simply need to discover a credible newspaper ad booking agency and using their portal you can compose a newspaper ad in 10 minutes or even lesser time!


How to Choose the Right Newspaper for Ad Bookings?

Enjoying significant reach across India, newspapers form the perfect medium to advertise your brand, inform your customers about your special deals and offers, communicate how your business enjoys competitive edge and much more. Within limited amount of money, you can avail great benefits and significantly enhance your brand image and return on investment. But just choosing newspaper as your advertising medium is not enough. You need to select the right newspaper that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Let us now discuss the ways to choose the right newspaper for Online Ad Booking.

Always remember that selecting the best newspaper that can reach out to your potential customers is crucial. You can randomly select any newspaper which first comes to your notice to promote your brand. Instead, you need to plan smartly.

• Start with determining your key advertising goals. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to communicate to your potential customers?

• Now ascertain your target readers. Decide whether your target customers are located in cities, towns, villages or all across India. For different advertising goals, the target customers may differ. For instance, Big Bazaar may launch special offers especially for their stores located in small towns.

• You need to decide on the newspaper to release your ads according to your current marketing goals. If your target customers are located in Delhi, you can choose newspaper(s) that are widely read in Delhi. Or if your target customers are located in various geographical reasons, including different states, you can give advertisements in the famous newspapers of the states which you want to target.

• If your target customers are located in small towns or cities and may be from different economical strata, you can choose to advertise in both Hindi and English newspapers to reach out to maximum numbers of your potential customers.

• If you are targeting niche customer segments or readers that are from high income background, you can choose famous English newspapers for online ad booking. Make sure to place ads in more than one newspaper as your target customers may differ in their choice of newspapers.

• Select a prominent Newspaper Ad Booking Agency to book online ads. You can check out different offers, special deals and combo packages before booking ads. If you book ads in more than one newspaper or place more than one ad, you may get the benefits of great offers and discounted rates!